Date: 6 May 2017

06:40 Meeting at New Born Monument
07:00 Arrival in Prishtina Train Station, and departure to Ferizaj with train
08:00 Arrival in Ferizaj , Let’s pedal on to Nerodime , where will visit “Bifurcation of Nerodime River”.
After the visit we continue pedaling to Jezerca
12:00 Arrival in Jezerca, Lunch Break
18:00 Departure from Ferizaj to Prishtina with train.
19:00 Arrival in Prishtina

Included :
– Bike Rent
– Lunch ( 2 sandwiches + 1 water bottle)
– Train Ticket
– Guide

Persons who want to participate with their bicycle, must pay only 10 euro (for lunch, train ticket , guide) .

Available departures

Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment




Ferizaj or Urosevac is a city and municipality in southern Kosovo,located some 38 kilometers (24 mi) south of the capital Prishtina. Founded and named after the local hotelier Feriz Shashivari in the 19th century, the city was renamed Ferizaj on the occasion of its annexation to Serbia in 1913. Ferizaj is the third most populous city in Kosovo, after Prishtina and Prizren. It is the administrative centre of the homonymous district. The central city postal codes include 70000, 70010, 70030 and 70040.

The municipality covers an area of 345 km2 (133 sq mi), including the city of Ferizaj and 45 villages. It is largely an agricultural plain. Its population is estimated at 108,690.

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Prishtina is the largest city in Kosovo, and its capital. It has around 572 square kilometers, with its 48 surrounding villages. It holds 400 thousand inhabitants within the city, while with the villages it holds around 470 thousand. After the flux, of the last ten years, it is estimated to hold between 500,000 and 600,000 inhabitants. Most of them being ethnic Albanian, however there are other minorities such as Turks, Bosnians, Roma, Serbians etc.

Prishtina can be reached via different routes, since as a capital city it has good links with the world and other cities in Kosovo.

The International Airport of Prishtina is located 18 km South of Prishtina and 3 km South of village Sllatina; however it is not more than 80 km away from any other city in Kosovo. From the airport, probably the best way from the airport is taxi service, costing 10-15 euro.

The traffic may be, occasionally, jammed due to constant reconstruction of roads and bridges. For a lower cost ties with Prishtina, one may definitely try by bus. There is no transportation linking downtown Prishtina with the Bus Station, however the distance can be easily walked in about 2 minutes. One may also use taxi services, located outside at the Bus Station.

For more information on different destinations, please call these numbers: 038 550 011 and 038 540 142. One may also travel to Prishtina by rail from Skopje, twice a day. Then from Prishtina to other cities connected to railroad. The main train station is in Fushe Kosove, 7 km West of Prishtina. The train station in Prishtina is located 1 km away from downtown Prishtina.


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