Our destination for hiking is Prevala 1515m. Altitude, 45min. driving from Prizren city. Destination top of Prevala 2040 m, 8 km, approximately 5h of hiking.


Hiking Friends Trip will be organized on Saturday 22/4/2017 with this itinerary.

  • 7:15 Departure from Pristina to Prizren.
  • 8:20 Arrival in Prizren, short café /breakfast break.
  • 9:00 Departure from Prizren to Prevalla.
  • 9:45 arrival in Prevalla and preparations for start.
  • Easy walking for warm-up.
  • At altitude so 1700m.start of moderate and little difficult walking until 2040m.
  • Estimated time RT 5 hrs, with breaks between for photo, tea, water and small snacks.

After finishing the hiking tour,  will  return back to Pristina, where again will have a short stop for coffee in Prizren.

Is preferred to have worn appropriate clothes and shoes , jackets in case of rain, hats etc.
Price: 10 euro/person

Included: Transport Prishtina – Prevala – Prishtina, Guide and Hiking

Prevalla is known as a small ski center with three different climates the same day, continental, polar and Mediterranean. It is covered with snow from November until May. Highest peak is at 2651m and is surrounded with lot of peeks with almost same altitude in the range off Sharri Mountains. We will use adventure hiking route, destination is spring of river Lumebardhi which flows through mountain valleys through Prizren city into Albania and in the end flowing to Adriatic Sea.  What is characteristic for Prevalla is that from other side is spring of another river in the distance of 500m, called Lepenci which belongs to the Aegean Sea drainage basin. By the way we can see perfect flora and fauna and by the chance in distance to see some wild animals, mostly Chamonix –wild goat.

Available departures

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City of Prizren lies in Southern Dukagjini plane, on 640 square kilometers territory. During history it was known as Theranda, a name which belongs to town of Suhareka nowadays. Prizren has a significant role in the region, business and economy wise, because of its geographic positioning in border with Albania and Macedonia.

The city lies at 400 meters above sea level, while some of its surrounding hills of Sharri Mountains reach heights up to 2000 meters.

In Prizren and its 74 surrounding villages there are 240,000 inhabitants, with diverse ethnic origins, thus living in full harmony and giving a cultural diversity to the city. Except for the majority Albanians, the rest are mostly Bosnians, Turks, Roma, Egyptian, Ashkali and a small number of other minorities.

During the 11th century it was known as an important urban settlement. In 1019, its mentioned as headquarters of Byzantine Empire Church. During Serbian rule (12th till 14th century), the region became inhabited by Slavic population. During the rule King Dushan and Urosh, from time to time Prizren has served as headquarters of these kingdoms.

Prizren is located, at around one and half hour time bus drive from the capital Prishtina. Bus lines from Prishtina, Gjakova and Ferizaj are on regular basis. There are also direct travelling lines from Prizren to Skopje, Albania and Belgrade.

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