Snow Jam

The illuminated snow is mirroring right into my face the brightness only a winter’s sun can give, forcing me to squint as I desperately try to jot words down in my scrapbook. I am surrounded by laughter, chatter and music— a great reminder that the youngest population in Europe is right here, in the heart of the Balkans, in Kosova, this little country of mine.

In these February days, this liveliness is put together by SnowJam festival—the biggest skiing festival in Kosovo that is happening right now in Brezovica. Traveks, a touristic snowjam-7company, brought me here and is making this festival happen, turning this long weekend into a perfect one to not stay in but enjoy nature instead.

As I sit here and enjoy this marvelous view filled with lots of white fluffy snow lovers, I can proudly say that I finally have an answer to the question I have been asked a lot in the past weeks. The question that started as “why are you going back there?” and in the past few days evolved into “why did you come back here?” and has been my true companion since I stepped out of the plane. To address all of you, I am back home because I gladly left the Austrian Central Alps to enjoy my Sharr Mountains again.

Located in southeast of Kosovo, Brezovica covers 2550 hectares of skiing terrain and is situated between 1718 and 2,522 m above the sea level. It offers two skiing slopes and it is visited from the most risk takers thanks to its huge variety of terrain, including many unmarked trails, which are perfect if you want to experience the thrill and adrenaline rush of off-piste skiing.

Tempting as “life on the edge” sounds, “safe and sound” sounds better at times. Fully qualified instructors will cater a three hour educational class on Friday, called SnowJam EDU regarding skiing for participants and those who are hooked to skiing and would love a few tumbles.

This holiday resort, that is often overlooked, is hosting new and talented skiers who will be participating in the Free Style Snowboard Jump Competition that is being held on Saturday. I would gladly take part in the competition myself, not because I am sporty or anything, but simply because I really would not mind having a new phone—a Samsung they are offering for the first place. So, dear future winner, please don’t forget that “sharing is caring”.

Now, if you are anything like me, trying really hard to pretend that climbing up the hill is skijam-2an effortless thing to do and you are absolutely not ready to take a spill, there is hope for you, too. Forget the outdoorsy activities and join the beer pong games and enjoy the all night and all day music performed by great bands and DJs. We’ll leave a beer at the top of the hill to motivate you crawl up if you have to. You are welcome!

It is estimated that over 500 people will be there this weekend, slipping and

rolling over. You know you want to be there and laugh about it later at night, around the bonfire, as we are staying warm and singing together. Don’t miss it!

Written by by pritëbytyçi