Albaniada 2014, Kukaj

Albaniada 2014, Kukaj

The village of Kukaj, nearly 30 km to the east of Prishtina, played host to the third edition of traditional games “Albaniada”, an event that serves to present aspects of ethnos through games, music, humour and dance.
Artana, Novoberdë


Artana (Novoberdë) castle is an archeological site situated in the highest peak of the Novobrdo Mountain, 30 kilometers east of Prishtina. The castle was built during medieval years in the city of Novobrdo, at 42.61778 meters latitude. Artana was one of the biggest cities in Balkans and had a great importance. It was regarded as one of the richest cities in Balkans because of its natural resources, and consequently was often called as “the city of silver and gold”.
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Badovci Lake

Badovci Lake is located about 5 km southeast of the capital of Kosova, Prishtina. The Badovci Lake is a natural lake. Along the lake, on the southern side, also leads the main road from Prishtina to Gjilan.
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Batllava Lake

Batlava Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Kosova located in the eastern part of Kosova. The lake has an area of 3.27 km² and a maximum depth of 48 meters. It serves as the main source of drinking water for the territory of Prishtina and Besiana (Podujeva), and is one of the most popular touristic destinations for locals.
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Brezovica near Shtërpce, is one of most important touristic center for winter sports. It lies beside Sharri Mountains, with an elevation between 900 and 2500 meters above sea level. The surface of the ski center is 2500 hectares. Skiing pathways are around 4 kilometers long, each, average loop of 38 %. At 1718m elevation, on the Grand Mead is the newest ski lift located, while exit station of the ski lift is located at an elevation of 2212 above sea level. Ski center in Brezovica is open throughout the year, where during the summer there is still some snow left. The center has several hotels, offering good service of high standard. The most well known hotels in Brezovica are: Hotel Narcis, Hotel Molika, Hotel Breza, Shtepija e Gurit and Woodland Hotel. In addition, there are also rentable private houses where you can accommodate.
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Brod, Prizren

Brod is situated 12 km southeast of Sharri, lying in a valley surrounded by mountains. Brod is a village with traditional Ottoman architecture and stone houses. Brod is an important tourist sight, especially for its hiking, climbing and skiing.
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Mother Teresa Cathedral

The Cathedral of Mother Teresa in Pristina, Kosovo is a Roman Catholic cathedral being constructed. In 2007 the Government of Kosovo approved plans for the building. The church's foundation was ceremonially laid by former Kosovo president Ibrahim Rugova. It is dedicated to Blessed Mother Teresa.
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Deçan is a town and municipality in the Gjakova district of western Kosovo. It is a mountainous area which borders Montenegro and Albania. There is a total of 36 villages within the municipality.
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Drini i Bardhë (White Drin)

White Drin: Stems at the mountain of Rusolisa from the cave of Radavc at 586 m altitude, where it creates a beautiful waterfall. Quantity of the source reaches 30 m per second, which creates a waterfall of 30 m high. Surface of Drini in Kosovo is 4265 km2. There regimen Mediterranean, with a maximum in March and November, the minimum in May and September. In the territory of Kosovo, wander about 122 km north-south direction.
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Gadime Caves

Village Gadime lays among the road Prishtinë – Ferizaj, around 20 km away from Prishtina. Village Gadime falls into jurisdiction of Lipjan municipality. The cave in Gadime is one of the most visited attractions in Kosovo. The cave has been discovered recently, in 1969 when one of the habitant families ran into the channel leading to the cave, while trying to build the foundation for their new house. Five years after its discovery, it became open for visitors. Stalagmites, Stalactites and Aragonites are rare characteristics of the cave. Around 1500 m have been investigated so far, while 800 m of its space may be visited. The inner temperature varies from 8 to 13 grades Celsius, depending on the season. The marble cave in Gadime is open for visitors every working day, from morning hours till late afternoon. Visiting fee is 2.5 euro per person, tour guide included.
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Gërmia Park is only a few minutes from Prishtina but it gives the feeling that you’re far from the city. There are over 10 kilometers of trails around the park. There is green open space that follows a path up the park all the way until Gërmia Restaurant.
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The city has a surface of about 586 km2 that is located at the south-western part of the Dukagjini Plane in between the road Prizren-Peja. Through history this place was a part of the road Via de Zenta, which initiated from Shëngjin at the Adriatic Sea, continued to the city of Shkodra and the valley of river Drini i Bardhë direction to Prizren and further to east in Nish, Sofia and to Constantinople. Gjakova is known as the city of tradition, music and humor.
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St.Nicholas Catholic Church was build in 1856. Every year the Janjevo/a Catholic community - Croats and Albanians - celebrates the Day of the Church, St.Nicholas Day, on 9 May.
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Fushë Kosova

In 1874 was built the first railway line in Kosovo in relation Hani i Elezit - Fushe Kosovo - Mitrovica. This was the beginning of expansion of the railway network in Kosovo, as important as transport passengers and goods, just as important for economic development and Kosovo connection with the region. In 1931 this building continue line in relation Mitrovica - Lesak, in 1934 Fushe Kosovo - Pristina, 1936 Fushe Kosovo - Pec, 1949 Pristina - Podujeve - Livadh and in 1963 Kline - Prizren. So today Kosovo Railways stretch across Kosovo territory with a length of 333.951 km railway line open, with a length of 105,784 km to 103.4 km stations and industrial lines. Kosovo Railways through Lesak and Podujeve north and east are linked with Serbia, while through Hani i Elezit are linked with Macedonia in south.
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Liqenati Lake

Liqenati is a lake in village Liqenat, also known as the Drelajs’ Lake, which is located beside the Kosovo – Montenegro border. The lake is situated in the middle of forest at around 2000 m height.
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Mirusha Waterfalls

The Mirusha waterfalls are a series of waterfalls found in the Mirusha River, a tributary of the White Drin, in Kosovo. The waterfalls have, over time, created canyons and caves, which are famous throughout Kosovo.
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Mitrovica is a city in northern Kosovo. In the middles ages the city was called "Demetrius" in honor of Saint Demetrius. When the city came under Ottoman rule, it was renamed "Mitrovica". Is one of the oldest known settlements in Kosovo, being first mentioned in written documents during the Middle Ages. The strategic position of the region of Mitrovica in the middle of two great rivers Ibar and Sitnica and its mineral wealth , made this location populated since prehistoric period. This region was populated by illyrians, respectively dardan tribe. In the archaeological sites of the region of Mitrovica were found traces and objects from different periods such as; neolithic, Roman, late antiquity and medieval period. The Trepca Mines is a large industrial complex located in Mitrovica. Based on official reports from Germany, USA, Australia, and China in 2009, Kosovo is the 5th in the world for lignite reserves.
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City of Prizren is known since antiquity as a unique place in the Balkans, with different cultural heritage values, civilizations and religions. Thanks to its favorable geographic position, balanced splicing of these cultures throughout history and an enviable number of monuments of all time, the city of Prizren rightfully holds the title of “city museum”, “museum under the open sky”, or even the “Dubrovnik in the Balkans”, is one of the most beautiful cities of Kosovo.
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Ujmani Lake

Ujmani Lake is the largest lake in Kosovo. It has an area of 11.9 km2, of which 9.2 km2 belong to Kosovo and 2.7 km2 belong to Serbia. The lake is formed by the damming of the Ibar River, which flows into the lake
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Castle of Vushtria: The monument is built in the center of the old city core of Vushtria and now also is in a central part of the city. There are opinions that the Vushtria Old Castle was built in the time of Justinjanit I ( 527-565), and there are opinions that the castle the time of the Ottoman Empire served as a guesthouse. It has an area of about 1,100 m², and its walls are 10-12 m high, while the wall thickness is 3-4 m.