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Skënderaj or Srbica is a city and municipality in Mitrovica district of northern Kosovo. It is the largest city in the Drenica region of Kosovo. 

It is solely populated by Albanians (100%). It is the place where the Kosovo War began in 1998, and to which the most damage was done.

Country Kosovo
Languages spokenAlbanian,
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)378

Sports & nature


Skënderaj is home of the Kosovar Superliga football club KF Drenica. and Kosovar Superliga volleyball club KV Skenderaj women's and KV Drenica mens.



Nightlife info

  • Lips Bar-Bar
  • Malibu Bar-Bar
  • Metro Bar-Bar
  • Zippo bar-Bar
  • Verona Bar-Caffe-Night Club
  • Pass Caffe-Bar
  • Lounge Café Bar 181-Bar
  • Art Bar-Bar
  • M3O bar-Night Club

Culture and history info


The municipality cadastral area includes several settlements that existed during the Middle Ages, among which some exist still today, such as Leočina, Poljance, Banja, and others. Despot Đurađ Branković (1427 —1456) founded the Devič monastery in the region.

The town was formed in 1924 with 30 Serbian and Montenegrin houses built. Traditionally the area around Skenderaj showed a strong resistance to foreign invasions. In the 20th century Albanian resistance began with a kachak movement leaded by Azem Bejta and his wife, Shote Galica, who fought against Bulgarian, Austro-Hungarian and Yugoslavian invaders. At the ending of WW2 in 1944 leader of Brigade of Drenica Shaban Polluzha refused to lead his 12,000 men towards north and join partisan groups in order to pursue the retreating Germans, because Serbian Chetnik groups were attacking the Albanian population in Kosovo.

Adem Jashari (Founder of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army),
Hashim Thaçi (Political Leader of KLA, Prime Minister of Kosovo ),
Hamëz Jashari (Cofounder of KLA and brother of Adem Jashari),
Hasan Prishtina (Political Leader of National Movement),
Sylejman Selimi (Comrade of Adem Jashari, Leader of Drenica Operative Zone and KLA's chief of staff),
Shote Galica (Leader of Kachak Movement in Kosovo and Wife of Azem Galica),
Përparim Hetemaj (footballer),
Mehmet Hetemaj (footballer).

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