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Rahovec or Orahovac  is a town and municipality in western Kosovo, in the District of Gjakova. The Serbian name of the town, Orahovac, is derived from the Serbo-Croatian orah, meaning “walnut“. The Albanian name Rahovec comes from an Albanised pronunciation of Orahovac.

The municipality coveres an area of approximately 276 km2 (107 sq mi) and contains 35 villages. In 2006 the town had a total population of 25.000 and the population of the municipality was 55,053. Besides a small Serbian enclave in the town numbering around 400 residents, in the municipality of Orahovac is another Serbian enclave named Velika Hoča, numbering around 700 residents.

Country Kosovo
Languages spokenAlbanian, Serbo-Croation,
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)276

Sports & nature


In the municipality of Orahovac 18 clubs develop sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, chess, boxing and handball. These clubs have about 500 members residing in Orahovac, BASTION, Malsi small Xërxe, Apterushë, Krushë Greater, Day, Celia, and Drina. In the city there is a football stadium with a relatively good area and open handball fields . While in the villages there are soccer fields that need infrastructure improvements.

Football club “Rahoveci”, competes in the First League of Kosovo, the club was formed in 1931.

Handball club “Rahoveci”, competes in the First League of Kosovo.




Nightlife info

  • N'Qosh Bar-Bar
  • All Star Caffe-Bar
  • ODA bar-Bar
  • Caffe bar "The Doors"-Bar
  • Caffe TREND-Bar
  • Bar “Hardhia”-Bar
  • U2 Caffe Bar-Bar

Culture and history info

Personalities: Ukshin Hoti (activist, politician, and phylosopher)

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Taste of Kosovo

Taste of Kosovo

Rahovec/Orahovac, Gjakovë/Gjakova, Prishtina, Peja/Pec
Culinary, wine and raki experience Day: Every day (depends on group request) Departure: 08:00 from N More info

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