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Drenas or Glogovac is a town and municipality in the Pristina district of central Kosovo

Drenas municipality is located in central Kosovo, between the Čičavica mountains in the east and the Drenica hills in the north and west. The main road from Pristina to Peja crosses the municipality.

At a junction at Komorani village, a smaller road extends north from the highway, passing through Drenas town and continuing to Skenderaj There are a total of 36 villages in the municipality, including the town of Drenas. The municipality’s population prior to the 1999 bombing was approximately 58,579 made up almost entirely of Albanians, with a small number of Serbs and others only in the Drenas town. No minorities remained in the municipality, thus Drenas today reflects a mono-ethnic environment. Drenas has been the cradle of Kosovo Albanian nationalist movements. Before the conflict the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) had a strong level of influence and controlled large areas of the municipality. Drenas municipality was consequently badly affected, as was the entire Drenica region. A series of Serbian police operations resulting in armed confrontation and civilian casualties represented defining episodes in the escalation of armed conflict in Kosovo.

Country Kosovo
Languages spokenAlbanian,
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)290

Sports & nature


For the first time in 1962 formed club "Handball" which sports club conducts activities on a regular basis. This club was founded by sports workshops Fazli Haxhiu-cell and was named "Club Handball-Teddy", as the first club in Drenas. After many years were established many other sports clubs:

Basketball Club "GJIMNAZISTI",
Football Club "Ferronikeli" 1974,
Chess Club "Shkaba",
Table Tennis Club "Ferronikeli" Dritan,
Football Club "Kosovatransi",
Football Club "Drenica, "Komoran",
Karate club "Ferronikeli",
Handball Club "SHËNDITI",
Football Club "2 Korriku",
Football Club "Gryka",
Club shooting "B. MALA - "murrizi ",
Boxing Club "DRENAS" ,
Club Volleyball (women) "DRENAS",
Club Volleyball (women) "Gryka" ,

Special chapter for the sport of Drenasi municipality is that of 1990, when the sport was suspended by the then government.
With the beginning of the glorious war of the KLA, many workers sport athlete joined the war and many of them were martyred as: Rarim Kiqina Hysni Heta, Besim Mala, Ismet Elezi etc.. , And many others were abused and imprisoned.
It is noteworthy that the war had formed Sportsmen League of Kosovo, first held in Handball Championship and Handball Federation Assembly.

The only object that is built is "Football Stadium" which also does not meet the requirements and needs of athletes. It is expected that in a very short time to build the sports hall that will more or less affect the development of sports in the municipality of Drenasit, sports activities do not take place only in clubs but developed through the forms and methods, such as: tours different tracks youth who have already become traditional, cross etc..
All this activity is held in honor of the national holiday.


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  • Lant Bar-Bar
  • KAPONE-Bar
  • Fer Bar-Bar
  • Relax Bar-Bar
  • Juvenilja-Nightlife
  • Classic bar-Bar

Culture and history info


The municipality of Drenas/Glogovac was established before World War Two as a new social, political and administrative unit. Before the Kosovo War of 1999, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) had a strong level of influence and controlled large areas of the municipality.

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