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The municipality of Kamenica lies on the eastern side of Kosovo. Border of Ranillug, Gnjilane, Prishtina, Novo Brdo and municipalities of Serbia (Bujanovac, Bujanovac and Vranje). As a whole, has an area of 414 km2. Krivareka river runs through it. Kamenica lies 10 km  highway from Bujanovac – Gjilan, which relates to the other parts of Kosovo. Gjilan is located at a distance of 30 km. While Pristina near 80km.

Territory of Kamenica is hilly and mountainous (70%) and plains (30 %), with some valleys near rivers Krivareka, Hogosht Desivojcë and stretching north. The land is mostly fertile, rich with grasses suitable for the development of Arboriculture, Vegetable, farming. Kamenica has a moderate continental climate, with hot wines and cold winters. Average atmospheric precipitation ranging from 499 to 675 l / m 2. Lower height is 380m above sea level to “white soil”, and it is 1223m high on the “Black Stone”.The most frequent winds are the north, while the southern ones are a rarity.

Country Kosovo
Languages spokenAlbanian, Serbo-Croation, English
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)414

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Kamenica municipality has seven public libraries with about 56,769 books. The main library has 6275 books, while the branch libraries in Strezoc, Tygjec, Hogosht, Desivojcë, Karaca Roganë 56,769 books. It's interesting to note that in this municipality, the consequences of violent action (1990-1999) and the Serbian war were smaller and, therefore, as the only municipality in Kosovo, books are not damaged and it is the only municipality where the same number of library collections.

At Kamenica are 23 schools, of which 17 are primary schools and two secondary schools.

Kamenica media has a radio station which broadcast programs made in several languages, and three radio stations that broadcast mostly music.
Radio stations: Radio premiere, Radio 24, Radio Kamenica broadcasts in Albanian, Serbian, Roma and Radio Index.
Radio city has its own journalists who report regularly to our Kosovar dailies.


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