Kosovo a Land To Discover

Kosovo a Land To Discover
Publisher: OrGIS
About the Book

Kosovo is an ancient land, the beating heart of the Balkans. It is a crossroads where many civilisations  have come and gone. Each has left its mark, some in its rich cultural and ethnographic traditions, and others in its fine churches and mosques , its lofty fortresses, its old arched bridges, and its kullas,the lonely stone towers that dot the landscape.The countryside and natural surroundings of this little land of some 10.000 square kilometres are diverse. Nature lovers cannot get enough of it. With its high mountain peaks, its alpine lakes, its rolling hills and its wide open plains,Kosovo has much to offer.As a geographer, I have travelled the length and breadth of this country in recent years. I have journeyed over the broad expanses of flatlands, wandered in the hills and river valleys , and hiked up into the high mountain pastures, always with my camera at my side. Every time, there have been new things to discover, moments of time and of extraordinary beauty to capture. I have endeavoured to put many of these moments together in this album and hope thereby to arouse the reader’s curiosity to come and visit my little country in southeastern Europe. Fear not, for much still remains to be discovered. So join me-and bring your camera.

Ismail Gagica.