A Biographical Dictionary of Albanian History

A Biographical Dictionary of Albanian History
Publisher: I. B. Tauris
Publication Year: 2012
About the Book

The history of Albania includes some memorable characters – from the legendary Albanian hero Scanderbeg to the glamorous Queen Geraldine.  Robert Elsie’s extensively researched Biographical Dictionary of Albania History provides fascinating and comprehensible information on over 700 Albanian and Albania-related historical figures, from ancient times, via the centuries of Ottoman rule to the end of the twentieth century. All notable historical and political figures – from the Kings of Illyria to Enver Hoxha – are included as well as leading figures of culture and the arts – from Marin Barleti to Faik Konitza.

Elsie also records visitors who had intimate ties with Albania – a host of scholars, politicians, military figures and travellers including Lord Byron, Benjamin Disraeli, Edward Lear, Aubrey Herbert, Edith Durham and Rose Wilder Lane. Introducing the reader to a cast of colourful characters, this book will be essential reading for anyone interested in the history of this pivotal Balkan state.