Tips to Exploring Kosovo Like a Local


Stefan van Dijk, of Travel Massive Kosovo and tourism host at Kosovo Info and Kosovo Blogs, is sharing just some of the many tips to exploring Kosovo like a local.  Stefan emigrated in 2012 from The Netherlands to Kosovo simply because he believes it is the perfect country to combine ambition and ideals. Let’s ask a few […]



Snow Jam

The illuminated snow is mirroring right into my face the brightness only a winter’s sun can give, forcing me to squint as I desperately try to jot words down in my scrapbook. I am surrounded by laughter, chatter and music— a great reminder that the youngest population in Europe is right here, in the heart […]


Are You Cold?

Are you cold - albanian voices (4)

My name is Ashley Wood and I’m the executive director of Albanian Voices. Our organization aims to record Albanian oral history, preserve its culture and teach others about it. Recently, we raised enough money through Indiegogo to fund a trip to Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia to research and document the Albanian culture there. I […]


Prishtina, 35th on the list of ”Best Places to Visit on 2015″

The nation of Kosovo – Europe’s newest – was born in 2008, and its capital, Pristina, is awash in NGO money that’s given the city a free-spirited nightlife, a reborn enthusiasm that recalls 1990s Berlin, Belfast, and Prague, and a pocket of cosmopolitanism unlike anything else in the Balkans. The city teems with restaurants serving […]


Nine things to know about Kosovo

Nine things to know about Kosovo   (2)

Marc Perry is a British expat living in Kosovo who has been captivated by its landscapes, where flat plains meet soaring mountains, the kind hospitality of the people, and a fascinating history of the land. First, forget all images of war… Gone? Good. Kosovo is a vibrant and friendly state full of rewarding experiences for independent travellers. […]