Prishtina, 35th on the list of ”Best Places to Visit on 2015″

The nation of Kosovo – Europe’s newest – was born in 2008, and its capital, Pristina, is awash in NGO money that’s given the city a free-spirited nightlife, a reborn enthusiasm that recalls 1990s Berlin, Belfast, and Prague, and a pocket of cosmopolitanism unlike anything else in the Balkans. The city teems with restaurants serving […]


Nine things to know about Kosovo

Nine things to know about Kosovo   (2)

Marc Perry is a British expat living in Kosovo who has been captivated by its landscapes, where flat plains meet soaring mountains, the kind hospitality of the people, and a fascinating history of the land. First, forget all images of war… Gone? Good. Kosovo is a vibrant and friendly state full of rewarding experiences for independent travellers. […]