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City of Mitrovica is located in northern Kosovo, with a territory of 350 km2, with a 40 km distance from capital city of Prishtina.

The water resources brought by Ibri River, Sitnica River and the lushta River were the reasons for becoming a settlement during the ancient times. The bridge over River Ibër, which derives from Gazivoda Lake and runs through the city, has become the ethnic division line of its population, after the ending of the last war in 1999. In the southern part of the city live around 100 000 ethnic Albanians, whereas the northern part is inhabited by ethnic Serbian population.

Mitrovica is mainly a mountainous territory, with its Rogoza and Kopaoniku Mountains.

Country Kosovo
Languages spokenAlbanian, Serbo-Cration, English, German
Currency usedEuro, Dinar
Area (km2)213

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Three football clubs are situated on the territory of Mitrovica: FK Partizan (in North Kosovska Mitrovica), and KF Trepça and KF Trepça'89 in south of the city. The two southern teams play in the Football Superleague of Kosovo. KF Trepça play at the Olympic Stadium Adem Jashari, which hosted Kosovo's first FIFA-recognised friendly international football match on 5 March 2014.

Basketball club “Trepça” (M), Basketball club “Trepça” (W) , Handball club “Trepça” (M) , Handball club “Trepça” (M), Football club “Trepça 89”, Football club “Trepça”, Football club “Birliku”, Judo club “Trepça”, Athletic club “Trepça”, Chess club “Trepça”, Chess club “Minatori”, Cycling club “Trepça”, Cycling club “Besi Petroll”, Boxing club “Trepça 89”, Karate club “Trepça”, The automobile club “Trepça”, Skiing club “Trepça”, Swimming club “Trepça”, Shooting club “Trepça”, Ping pong club “ Trepça”, Tennis club “Trepça”, Gymnastic club “Trepça”, Bodybuilding club “Forca”

Sports facilities in the municipality of Mitrovica: Sports gyms "Minatori", Small Sports Arena "Fatime Xhaka ", Olympic Stadium "Trepca", Old City Stadium "Riza Lushta", Football Stadium "Ismet Sejdiu" Bair - Mitrovica, Assistant City Stadium "Nexhat Taraku", Football Stadium – Kçiq i madhë - Mitrovica, Football Stadium - Koshtove – Mitrovica.



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  • Famous Bar-Nightlife
  • Ma Belle-Nightlife
  • Charlie-Restaurant-Nightlife
  • Plus Bar-Nightlife
  • Verona Bar-Nightlife
  • Absolute Bar-Cafe-Bar
  • "CC" Café Library-Nightlife

Culture and history info


Cultural institutions: Library "Latif Berisha", Center of Culture, Museum of the City, Professional Theatre, Cultural house in village Bare.

Associations of culture: Ensemble of Song and Dance City, Writers Association of Mitrovica "Jakup Ceraja", Association of Visual Art Artists of Mitrovica, Musicians Association of Mitrovica, City Theatre "Sander Prosi", Amateur Theatre "Alexander Moses", City choir (under the Medicine Secondary School "Tefta TASHKO", Association "7 Arts".

Personalities: Vahedin Ajeti (Albanian footballer),Enis Alushi (Albanian football player), Valon Behrami (Swiss international football player), Bekim Bejta (poet and translator), Nexhip Draga (Albanian nationalist), Xhafer Deva (former Minister of the Interior of Albania), Rexhep Mitrovica (former Prime Minister ofAlbania), Rona Nishliu (represented Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012), Riza Lushta (former Albanian football player),
Xhevat Prekazi (former football player), Muharrem Qena (actor and singer), Valdet Rama (Albanian footballer), Bajram Rexhepi (politician),
Ali Shukrija (2nd Communist Prime minister of Kosovo), Sulejman Ugljanin (Bosniak politician), Ymer Xhaferi (Albanian football player), Diana Avdiu (Miss Kosovo Universe 2012 and semifinalist, Miss Universe 2012), Erton Fejzullahu (Swedish football player), Alban Meha (Albanian football player).


In the 14th century, the city was titled the “Civitas Sancti Demetrii”, Dmitrovica, after Saint Dimitri of Thessaloniki. After Tito’s death, when many cities got named after him, Mitrovica became tito’s Mitrovica, while nowadays is only known by its ancient name Mitrovica.

Underground resources and mining activities since the ancient times have gradually formed the identity of the city. The mines during the Yugoslavian regime were merged into the Trepça compound, which was the greatest enterprise in the country at that time.

Hotel Palace

Hotel Palace

Shupkovc, Mitrovica, Mitrovica
Hotel Palace is located in Shupkovc-Mitrovica, 5 minutes away from the center of Mitrovica. Hotel ha More info

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