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Ferizaj or Urosevac is a city and municipality in southern Kosovo,located some 38 kilometers (24 mi) south of the capital Prishtina. Founded and named after the local hotelier Feriz Shashivari in the 19th century, the city was renamed Ferizaj on the occasion of its annexation to Serbia in 1913. Ferizaj is the third most populous city in Kosovo, after Prishtina and Prizren. It is the administrative centre of the homonymous district. The central city postal codes include 70000, 70010, 70030 and 70040.

The municipality covers an area of 345 km2 (133 sq mi), including the city of Ferizaj and 45 villages. It is largely an agricultural plain. Its population is estimated at 108,690.

Country Kosovo
Languages spokenAlbanian, Serbo-Croation, English,
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)345

Sports & nature


Three football clubs are situated in Ferizaj: KF Ferizaj, KF Vullnetari i UÇK-së and KF Vizioni. Ferizaj is center for sports except for handball, where it has one teams in the top league: KH Kastrioti.

While Stadium of Ferizaj is called “Ismet Shabani “ and has a capacity around 7500 seats.
Clubs from the Municipality of Ferizaj are these:

Football club “Ferizaj”, Handball club “Kastrioti”, Football club “Vullnetari i UÇK-së, Basketball club “Kastrioti”, Football club “Tefik Çanga”, Football club “Vizioni”, Volleyball club “ Luzha”, Judo club “Kastrioti”.

• Arsim Abazi (Footballer),
• Labinot Tahiri (Singer)
• Veli Sahiti (Singer)
• Genc Iseni (Footballer)
• Shefqet Pllana (Musik)
• Kthjellu (Band)
• Fatos Kryeziu (Actor)
• Astrit Fazliu (Footballer)


Nightlife info

  • French Lounge Bar - Lounge
  • Legend's Home - Bar & Grill
  • MoMo bar - Bar
  • N'konak - Bar
  • The Residence Bar&Lounge - Bar
  • N'dritare - Bar
  • The Temple Bar - Lounge
  • Queen's Lounge Bar - Lounge
  • MaMbO PuB - Bar
  • Hard Rock Caffe - Bar
  • Bamboo Bar - Bar
  • N'CHOSH - Bar
  • Shamrock IRISH PUB - Bar
  • TREND Caffe - Bar
  • I Love Weed - Bar
  • Amika Bar - Bar
  • Kafja e vogel - Bar
  • Small Bar - Bar
  • Restaurant"BENIRO" - Nightlife
  • Bottle Pub-Pub etj...

Culture and history info


It should be emphasized that the development of art and culture in Kosovo is closely related to cultural and artistic society (CAS), which initially did during World War II and then disposed of the first efforts by prominent artist to professional art the opening of gymnasium schools and professionalized ones in the town of Ferizaj.

Activities date back to the early 40s that l am after century, which were constructed in a well-organized structure, where musical performances took place in parallel and scene. One of the figures that has left deep traces in professional art in Kosovo and in wider spaces is the composer Lorenc Antoni whom we find in the early 40s engaged in Ferizaj.

When it is mentioned Lorenc Antoni, it also should be mentioned the other composer Venqenc Gjini from Ferizaj who has given too much contribution in culture and is always respected countrywide especially with his creative idioms inspired by the popular fountain.


The town, officially named Ferizovik when it was part of the Ottoman Empire, was little more than a village until 1873, when the Belgrade-Thessaloniki railway was opened, passing through the town. The name derives from a pre-1873 hotel owned by a local Inhabitant named Feriz Shashivari.

Balkan Wars
After the settlement had fallen to Serbia during the First Balkan War, the local Albanian population gave a determined resistance. According to some reports, the fight lasted three days. The Serbian commander then ordered the population back home and to surrender arms. When the survivors returned, between 300–400 men were executed and according to the Catholic Archbishop of Skopje, Lazër Mjeda, only three Muslim Albanians over the age of fifteen had been left alive. There then followed the destruction of Albanian-populated villages around Ferizovik. Before the Treaty of London in 1913 made Ferizovik a part of the Kingdom of Serbia, the name was changed to Uroševac, after Stefan Uroš V of Serbia.

Kingdom of Yugoslavia
From 1929 to 1941, Uroševac was part of the Vardar Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

Kosovo War
The city suffered some damage during the Kosovo War of 1999, with some of its Albanian-populated neighborhoods being shelled and burned by the Yugoslav Army. Following the war, the city has seen serious inter-communal unrest which resulted in almost all of the Serbians and rest of non-Albanian inhabitants being expelled or fleeing.

Camp Bondsteel, the main base of the United States Army detachment to the KFOR peacekeeping force in Kosovo, is located nearby.

Hotel Kruja

Hotel Kruja

Ferizaj, Ferizaj/Uroshevac
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Train and Bike Tour in Jezerc

Train and Bike Tour in Jezerc

Ferizaj/Uroshevac, Prishtina
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